5 Proven Tips to Secure Your Credit Card

Secured Credit Card

Do you use a Credit Card? Do you use the card wisely? Is your card secure? Every cardholder must use the Credit Card wisely and keep it secure! There are several cases of data breaches reported in recent times.

With the advancements in technology, the hackers can breach the security system and hack the personal information of the customers.

The cardholders must get highly concerned about the matter and avoid Credit Card frauds. The scammers have several opportunities to hack Credit Cards and use it.

You must be aware of the proven tips to secure your Credit Card!

Proven Tips to Secure Your Credit Card:

1. Don’t ever share the photo of your Credit Card on any Social Media Channel

Many people get excited about receiving their first Credit Card. As per the trending habits of social media users, some people click a photo of the new Credit Card and post on social media channels.

The Credit Card contains some of the vital information of the customer. The hackers will obtain the customer data as well as card details which help them to breach the security system.

The hackers will misuse the card and bankrupt you! Never share the photo of your Credit Card or any other document on social media channel or any other person.

2. Remove the CVV Number

The cardholders have to use the CVV number printed on the backside of the card while making online purchases.

The CVV number plays a vital role in making online payments via different payment gateways. The responsible cardholders must save the CVV number and remove it from the card.

You can either save the CVV number in your password manager by default or anywhere else. To remove the CVV number from the card, you can either scratch it without tampering the card or mark the numbers with a permanent marker.

Any of the two steps will prevent frauds from accessing your card details and secure the Credit Card.

3. Don’t Sign on the Card

Every cardholder must be aware of the requirement of the signature on the Credit Card. You can’t leave the space blank.

Any fraud may sign the card and steal it. You won’t even like to disclose your signature. The signature doesn’t add any security to the card.

You have two options to avoid signing on the card! You can either write SEE ID in the provided space or can mark the place with a permanent marker.

If you write SEE ID in the space for the signature, the store will ask for your ID to verify the signature.

If in case, you lost your card or the card gets stolen, no one can misuse the card as the cardholder’s signature won’t match and fraud won’t be able to produce a valid ID supporting the card.

Marking the blank space for signature with a black marker will lower the risk of frauds. Marking with a black marker is an appealing approach to secure your Credit Card from privacy-breaching. You need not worry about the misuse of your card if the card gets stolen.

4. Avoid Remote Reading of your card using RFID Blocking Sleeve

Almost everyone stores their Credit Card along with other cards in their wallet. But, do you know, the latest technology of contactless reading makes your card vulnerable to remote attacks as well as privacy leaks.

The hackers may use Remote NFC Reader and extract the Credit Card number, expiry date, and last ten transactions.

You need to protect the contactless Credit Card from remote reading!  You can protect the card from unauthorized access by using RFID blocking sleeve or wallets.

The specially designed sleeves or wallets reduce the threat of hacking by blocking remote reading. Make sure to purchase the product from an authorized brand.

5. Destroy the Old Card and the PIN

As the card’s expiry date approaches, you might receive a new Credit Card while the old one is active. The card number of the old and new cards will remain the same.

You won’t continue using the old card! Before you start using the new card after activation, you need to destroy the old card as well as the PIN.

You also must destroy the letter received with the new card. Destroying the old card and the PIN as well as the received letters you can defend the attacks of the dumpsters.

Other Simple Ways to Protect Your Credit Card

Apart from these major points to secure your Credit Card, you can follow a few simple steps to keep the Credit Card secure!

Use Credit Card Generator to register on some websites to get trails without sharing your personal Credit Card details.

Never share the card details over the phone to any person even if any bank employee demands to do so.

The caller may be a scammer demanding the Credit Card details to access your data and hack your account.

Make sure to pay via a secure payment gateway, while making online transactions or payments

You must not ever throw the personal documents anywhere. The card details and personal information gets vulnerable when an unauthorized person accesses the documents.

Make sure to read the financial statements and emails from the bank to avoid any suspicious activities or financial frauds.

Never ask any other person to access the financial statements or bank related documents.

Stay digitally protected by updating your computer system and mobile device to reduce the chances of hacking.

It is a challenge to protect the Credit Card from scammers/hackers. You need to be smart enough and protect the card!


Regularly check the transaction history and remain updated with the card usage. If you find any suspicious activity, report about it to the financial institution or the card issuer.

Don’t delay in reporting! You can follow the best tips to avoid fraudulence and scams. It is essential to keep the Credit Card secure following the best ways.

The hackers and frauds have access to the latest tech features with which they breach the security system. You must stay ahead from such scammers by protecting your card, account details and personal information.